GenAI Readiness Guide

Triggers to Setup GenAI Gateway

  • Need to Unrestrict GenAI adoption
  • Formulated AI Usage or Risk Policy, Need to Operationalize
  • Urgent Need to Baseline AI Adoption metrics
  • Enforce Real Time Content Moderation
  • Meet Data Privacy Regulations
  • Executing commercial license for GenAI adoption, need to centralize provider
  • Increase Security Posture With Prompt Threat Detection
  • Increase developer productivity with GenAI
  • Apply Consistent Policies across Public and Private LLM

Desired Outcomes

  • Compliance Attestations
    • Existing Data Privacy Obligations (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SEC reporting, etc.)
    • Emerging AI regulations, internal Responsible AI Policy
    • Evidence to audits, investigations, legal extractions
  • Optimize Costs
    • Enforce commercial agreements for AI enterprise licensing
    • Cost avoidance: steering traffic to local LLMs
  • Code and IP Protection
    • Avoiding infringement claims by setting code ingestion tolerance policy
    • Maximizing Developer Productivity by removing compliance ambiguity
  • Threat Protection
    • Prompts are a rising attack vector, see OWASP Top 10
  • Workforce Transformation
    • Central observability of all AI adoption by role, location, person
    • Demonstrate proactivity on Acceptable Use, Content Moderation enforcement