Threat Protection

Safe operations of LLMs requires proactive vulnerability management. Despite the nascency of LLM technology, the threat landscape is already thriving and rapidly expanding (see OWASP Top 10 for LLMs). A reactive approach risks potential data leakage and reputation damage.

Blueteam AI helps organizations keep up with the constantly developing threats faced by LLM applications. Our threat database is constantly updated with the latest threat signatures and automatically applied to your managed endpoints so that malicious users and bad actors are stopped in their tracks.

Threat protection can be enabled from an endpoint's admin panel. After enabling, all traffic arriving at an endpoint is compared against signatures in our threat database and assigned a risk score. The "threat detection threshold" controls how conservative detection should be: traffic with risk scores exceeding the threshold is automatically blocked with a 403 HTTP response. Alerts generated from blocked threats are available under an endpoint's alerts tab.