Vendor Adapaters

While the open-source vs proprietary LLM gap remains significant, innovation in the open-source space remains rapid and the distance between the two is closing every few weeks. Businesses are attracted by the improved data privacy and reduced vendor lock-in offered by running open-source models in-house and are increasingly interested in exploring their feasability and limitations.

Blueteam AI enables you to switch between LLM vendors without rewriting your code. Through our vendor API adapters, you have the ability to proxy requests to your endpoint upstream to any OpenAI or HuggingFace model. This enables you to easily evaluate and assess other LLMs as well as enables a number of other use cases such as:

  • Experimentation - which LLM is best for my specific use case? Do I need to pay for the full power offered by massive proprietary foundation models, or will a smaller (and more environmentally friendly) specialized LLM suffice?
  • Load balancing - spread your traffic across multiple accounts to mitigate rate limits/quotas and improve response times
  • Failover - mitigate single-vendor risk. Decouple your downtime from OpenAI's.

When combined with Blueteam AI' data redaction functionality, this enables consistent enforcement of company-wide privacy and DLP policies across all LLMs currently in use.